A New Voice for Polk County

Nick Barton is running for Supervisor to bring a new voice and new ideas to county government.

He'll go to work every day looking for new ways to improve the lives of everyone in Polk County. 

Polk County's

3rd District




Pleasant Hill


Moving Polk County Forward

Polk County is growing, and we have a lot going for us here. But now is not the time to take our foot off the gas- we must continue to make progress if we want to continue to grow.


When I moved to Iowa, I didn’t know much about the community I was joining.  But now, five years later, I know I found my new home.  Polk County has all the amenities and services I need, and it also has the small-town feel I didn’t get living in bigger cities.


To keep moving forward, we need to keep up the momentum, as there are still things for us to work on. If we are going to continue attracting new businesses and new high-paying jobs to central Iowa, we need to make Polk County the best possible place to live for everyone living here today. 


Here’s what we still need to work on:

Therapy Session

Mental Health

Public Garden


fullArtboard 2.png

Racial Justice & Equal Opportunity




Emergency Management

Government Services &


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